Cross Docking


´╗┐Prime Logistics cross-docking services...we take products from the manufacturing plant and deliver them directly to the customer and minimize handling. Prime Logistics, cross-docking services reduce handling and storage of inventory, the extra step of filling a warehouse with inventory before shipping it out is virtually eliminated.

Simply stated - "in one door and out the other." With cross-docking, we receive goods at our unique location at one door, and ship out through the other door, almost immediately without putting items in storage.

  • Prime Logistics' cross-docking service shifts the focus from "supply chain" to "demand chain." For example, stock coming into the cross-docking center has already been pre-allocated against a replenishment order generated by a retailer in the supply chain.
  • It helps retailers streamline the supply chain from point-of-origin to point-of-sale.
  • It also helps reduce operating costs, increase throughput, reduce inventory levels, and helps the increase of sales space.
  • Prime Logistics' cross-docking service helps reduce direct cost associated with excess inventory by eliminating unnecessary handling and storage of product...less inventory means less space and equipment required for handling and storing the products. This also means reduced product damage and product obsolescence.
  • It also encourages electronic communications between retailers and their suppliers, thus creating further opportunities for gains in efficiency.

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