The Future of Logistics in a Demanding and Fluid Market

10/10/2013 by Edward Baker

The Future of Logistics in a Demanding and Fluid Market

By Anne Garnett


The word, “logistics” is defined as, “a coordination of a complex operation, involving many people, facilities, and supplies”.  The challenge of dealing in logistics is to combine these different elements into a cost-effective, and concise art.  This is no easy feat.  It requires the utilization of technology, labor and innovative ideas to achieve this task.

 The future of transportation logistics depends on the implementation of new technological developments as well as improvements in efficiency and agility.  The sooner companies incorporate these elements, the more competitive they will become in the market of tomorrow.  In a shaky economy, this has never become more vital.  The very future of logistics depend on new and innovative ways of performing the most basic tasks. 

 One way to achieve efficiency is to “interleave” tasks, making sure there is less time wasted between vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs.  An example of this is the image of a truck moving with no load.  Every mile traveled represents time that is wasted reflecting a need for management capability to better direct driving time.   This is one of the most basic, yet often overlooked, demand of an effective transporation/logistics company.

 Changes in transportation may come down to a more direct observation between consumer needs and alterations.  According to Spend Matters research, it is vital that companies observe their clients and customize the final steps of their delivery processes to serve the unique needs of each client.  This attention to detail and guarantee of individualized attention will prove to be highly valued and regarded by potential customers.

 In order to stay competitive in today’s market, logistics companies must always strive to deal with the demands and expectations of their customers.  It is through this attention and dedication to  quality  that will put them in a class above that of their competition and ensure them, not only of a greater profit margin, but a reputation of excellence.



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