Dedicated to Excellence --- Prime Logistics, Inc.

10/3/2013 by Anne Garnett

Dedicated to Excellence … Prime Logistics, Inc.

Prime Logistics, Inc., is a full service supply chain logistics company, located in Florence Ky., just minutes away from the Greater Cincinnati Airport.  Prime Logistics offers much more than just public warehouse accommodations.  They specialize in merchandise storage, cross docking, pick and pack, order fulfillment, as well as third party logistics services.  Prime Logistics  offers each of their customers quality service, attention to detail and  a work ethic that surpasses all others.

Prime Logistics knows when it comes to logistics, it’s all about location, location, location!    Conveniently situated ½ mile off the I75 corridor and within close proximity to Lexington and Louisville, Prime Logistics lies in the hub of the manufacturing district in Florence,Ky.    This strategic location allows Prime Logistics to offer their customers “prime” access to fit their warehouse and transportation needs. 

Prime Logistics is proud to offer their customers the state-of-the-art inventory control system, Synapse by Zethcon.  Synapse allows Prime Logistics to provide their customers with precision inventory control, as well as internet access.  This system affords customers the luxury of monitoring their inventory levels, showing receipts, and placing orders.  This is an example of how Prime Logistics is utilizing the technology of tomorrow and offering it to their customers, today.

Prime Logistics is unique in that they are a family owned and operated business that has served the greater Cincinnati area’s warehousing and logistics needs since 1990.  Their dedicated staff pride themselves on the emphasis they place on satisfying  their customers’ needs.  They approach every account, regardless of size, with an integrity that is proven in their dedication to excellence.


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