Cross Docking

9/10/2013 by Edward Baker



Cross-docking and short-term storage opportunities.

 Prime Logistics, Inc. is looking for customers in the transportation field that would have a need for cross docking and short term storage. We are currently working with several transportation companies and brokers that use are services and it has worked quite well for them. Prime Logistics Inc. has put an interested in expanding this area of warehousing logistics. We invite the opportunity to service you in any situation of need.

 Prime Logistics, Inc., located within a 600 mile (966 KM) radius of 54% of the nation's purchasing power [See Think Kentucky link below] is a full service supply chain logistics company, providing public warehousing, merchandise storage, cross docking, pick and pack, order fulfillment and third party logistics services.

 Prime Logistics, Inc. located in Northern Kentucky near the Cincinnati, Ohio / Northern Kentucky International Airport, can reach your customers quickly and inexpensively with this strategic location.

 Prime Logistics Inc. provides security when your product is on site. With cameras on the inside and outside of the warehouse, alarms on the dock doors and motion sensors throughout the office, we are linked to the Local Emergency Units. Fire and Police are 5 minutes from our warehouse. We want you to feel secure when using our services.

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 Bill Prather, Ext. 12 in Sales


 Tim Garnett, Ext. 14 in Operations



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